Swarm Intelligence ponders the characters of STAR WARS

Who is the most beloved character, Han Solo or Master Yoda?  Who is the most loathed, Jar Jar or Padme?  And what should fans expect from J.J. Abrams when a galaxy far far away comes to a theater near you in just a few weeks?  Sure, we could run a poll or conduct a survey, but we wanted to tap the “unifying force” that permeates the universe – our Collective Intelligence.   To harness it we use a technology called SWARM A.I…

It’s enabled by UNU, a fun social platform that allows users to think together in real time by forming online swarms.  The best way to grasp UNU, is to see it in action.  The video below shows a swarm of 40 people pondering Star Wars, converging on decisions  in just seconds:

And SWARMS are smart. Research shows that swarms produce more accurate answers than traditional polls, surveys, or votes.  Why?  Because everyone responds together, in real-time, merging their thoughts and opinions into a unified answer.

Swarms are also FUN.  When you login to a swarm, you can help to answer the question submitted by others, or you can ask questions of your own  to the group.  Either way, it fun and easy to use.  The video below shows some college students using UNU for the very first time:

Want to try swarming?  Now you can.  Just fill out the form below to become a BETA TESTER.  The folks at UNU will send you a password.  It’s free and fast and completely anonymous…