Unanimous AI Awarded Five New U.S. Patents in Q1 for Super Intelligent “Hive Minds”

New Patents Aimed at Amplifying Intelligence of Distributed Teams

Unanimous AI, maker of the award-winning Swarm® software platform, announced today that it has been awarded five additional U.S. Patents covering its unique form of AI technology aimed at amplifying the intelligence of human teams.  Swarm technology from Unanimous AI is a unique combination of real-time human input and AI algorithms, enabling networked groups of people to think together in super-intelligent systems modeled on biological swarms.

The five new patents awarded over the last few weeks include:  

US Patent 10,599,315: Methods and systems for real-time closed-loop collaborative intelligence

US Patent 10, 606,463: Intuitive Interfaces for Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence

US Patent 10,606,464: Methods and Systems for Gaze Enabled Collaborative Intelligence

US Patent 10,609,124: Dynamic Systems for Optimization of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence

US Patent 10,551,999: Multi-phase multi-group selection methods for real-time collaborative intelligence systems

Swarm is an AI-based collaboration platform that enables optimized decision-making by networked human groups.  It’s particularly powerful for amplifying the intelligence of networked business teams, enabling them to converge upon accurate predictions, decisions, and estimations. Swarm’s secure, cloud-based platform complements any communication channel, empowering distributed teams to quickly and easily reach AI-optimized insights from the combined knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

With many teams now working remotely due to the COVID-19 guidelines, Unanimous AI has offered a 50% discount off standard Swarm pricing to any teams who would like to use the platform to amplify the intelligence of their distributed teams.

“Business teams around the world have been using Swarm for everything from marketing decisions to financial forecasting” said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous. “With so many teams forced to work remotely in recent weeks, we are offering significant discounts to any businesses impacted by Coronavirus.”

About Unanimous AI

Unanimous AI builds technologies that amplify human intelligence using technologies modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. Our award-winning Swarm platform is currently used by Fortune 500 companies around the world for everything from financial forecasting and market research, to optimized group decision-making and prioritization.  Also, Unanimous has recently launched Sportspicker AI, the world’s first sports intelligence service that combines human insight with AI algorithms. #NSFFUNDED