Largest HUMAN SWARM Ever Assembled

This has been a big week for Unanimous AI, the makers of UNU, a breakthrough technology that allows groups of networked users, connecting from all around the globe, to think together in real-time, leveraging the same type of swarm intelligence that works so powerfully in nature.

Not only did we host our first “Happy Hourfor Beta Users inside UNU, the swarm of users correctly predicting that Team USA would win the Women’s World Cup, but we also set a new record for the largest Human Swarm ever assembled.

Yesterday, nearly 100 people around the world gathered in a Human Swarm. This video shows what it looks like when that many people truly work together as one...

If only Congress could achieve consensus so quickly.

Of course it’s not just politics where intelligent swarms can provide insight. Groups have used UNU to explore all kinds of topics, harnessing their collective intelligence to explore sports, music, television, even forecasting the stock market. The video below gives a glimpse into what it’s like to join a real-time swarm:

Want to try UNU for yourself ? If so, great – we’re currently recruiting a large group of new users for our BETA PROGRAM. To join, just click here.