Voting is Killing Your Team

A team is having trouble making a decision and someone says, “Let’s take a vote.” It's a solution that's simple and fast, but it’s often the wrong tool for the job. Even worse, it can kill your team. Teams function best when every member is bought…
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UNU predicts the Stanley Cup

The National Hockey League playoffs are notorious for the large number of teams that qualify and the long slog of the tournament.  The victor must win 16 games over four best-of-seven series.  While favorites are easily identified, a team’s strong…
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On Sunday (5/3/15) a group of Bitcoiners ( from Reddit's r/bitcoin ) met online to make a dozen predictions about the future of bitcoin.  Predictions like this aren't rare, but these are a bit different… Instead of the group taking a vote or…
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SWARM INTELLIGENCE Predicts Kentucky Will Lose

Last week we asked a SWARM INTELLIGENCE to predict the match-ups in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA basketball tournament.* Of course, every individual has their own unique strategy for filling out their brackets, from favorite mascots to detailed statistical analysis, but…
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