Sportspicker AI – NFL: Midseason Performance Report

Sportspicker AI – NFL nets 55-42 record through Week 10

After a blip in Week 9, Sportspicker AI – NFL bounced back in a BIG way this week, nailing 7 out of our 10 picks. The AI model continues to improve, and like in Week 8, the picks were absolutely on point in Week 10. Here is a recap.

  • The Sportspicker AI model predicted 12 games and recommended bets on 10 of them. 
  • We were 7-3 on those picks, for a 70% winning percentage.
  • Members who leveraged our pick ratings to allocate their bankrolls made 35.5% ROI–even after their sportsbooks’ standard 10% vig.

A couple notes: 

1. HIGH ROI. Going 7-3 is nice, but even better is the fact that we nailed our highest rated picks–Baltimore (-10) and Green Bay (-6). That led to a 35.5% ROI, our highest of the season so far.

2. DOUBLE DIGIT DOGS. The AI model recommended betting on both Atlanta (+13.5) and Miami (+11). Both these double digit underdogs won outright, making us winners on games on which most of the public lost big.

Here is the full breakdown of results.

Even more important is our cumulative record for the season. We are now PAST the halfway point of the season, and we are 55-42 for a 56.7% accuracy rate, exceeding the 55% best-in-class NFL handicapper benchmark.

Many amateur bettors think 55% sounds low. We’ve all heard certain touts bragging about 65% or even 70% accuracy. Well, maybe they had a 70% week (like Sportspicker AI just did), but it’s nearly impossible to stay at 70% over a full season.

No, the fact is that being above 55% puts us — AND OUR MEMBERS– in exclusive company. And if they are managing their bankroll properly, they are making a lot of money!

Sportspicker AI – NFL won’t go 7-3 every week. There is too much variability in sports outcomes to expect that. But on the flip side, when we have a 3-5 week, like we did in Week 9, our members don’t panic. They are smart, and they know that if you pull your chips off the table, you might miss a jackpot. Consistency will be rewarded. Profits will be theirs….

We know there will be ups and downs, but we continue to be pleased with the performance and our potential to achieve impressive returns over a full season.

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