Sportspicker AI Forecasts Super Bowl LV Winner

After Crushing Vegas in Regular Season, Sportspicker AI Gives Win Probabilities for All 14 Playoff Teams

In case you missed it…. the calendar has switched to January. That means after 17 tumultuous weeks of the regular season, it’s time for the NFL Playoffs!

This year’s Playoffs look a little different. One additional team per conference is included this year. That means only one team per conference gets a bye. But it also means two extra games on the first weekend! Here’s the playoff bracket.


Sportspicker AI gave NFL subscribers a big edge this year. Over the course of the entire 17 week season, its winning percentage was 6 percentage points higher than Vegas favorites, when picking against the spread.

Not only that, but when you compare Sportspicker AI to the “Sharp Action,” the results are even more impressive. The big-money bettors (aka Sharps) had a rough year this year, according to the Action Network. The Sharps couldn’t even outperform straight favorites. They were CRUSHED by Sportspicker AI.

So on the eve of the Playoffs starting, who better to ask who will make it through the gauntlet of the playoff bracket than Sportspicker AI. We asked the A.I. system to rank ALL 14 PLAYOFF TEAMS on who is likely to make it past each round and ultimately, who will make it to and win Super Bown LV.


As you can see, the Green Bay Packers are the most likely to win the Super Bowl, with a 17.0% likelihood. Interestingly, the A.I. system likes both Green Bay and New Orleans chances better than Kansas City, even though KC is the favorite, according to most sportsbooks. This may because of a perceived tougher road to get to the big game in the AFC. On the other hand, the Tennessee Titans and Washington Football team have the lowest chances of going all the way.

The NFL Playoffs are when even casual sports fans jump in and start betting. And unfortunately, they usually get CRUSHED.  What about you? Will you be ready?

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