Sportspicker AI Makes Sports Betting Look “Too Easy” in Big Weekend

AI System Clicking on All Cylinders, As Subscribers See Massive Gains in All 3 Sports

It’s been about 2 months since the start of the major fall sports covered by Sportspicker AI: NFL Football, EPL Soccer, and NCAA Football. As we have written before, Sportspicker’s NFL picks have been on point since the very beginning of the season. BUT, both EPL soccer and College Football got off to more inconsistent starts.

That all changed this weekend. The AI system was TOTALLY LOCKED IN for all 3 sports, and subscribers made an absolute killing. Those who used the picks and bet them with a $100 betting unit and a 1-10 unit scale they made $3,851 in one weekend!

  • College Football: 3-0, +$940
  • EPL Soccer: 6-2, +$2,285
  • NFL Football: 4-3, +$626

But some subscribers were even more creative with parlay bets and other exotic combinations. Here is a note received from a very happy subscriber.


He turned just twelve bucks into $140. Imagine if he’d bet $120 or $1,200 instead of $12? He could be sitting on $14,000 right now!

Here are the picks from this weekend in all 3 sports. The weekend started with these three picks in College Football.


Boom. 3-0 with a $940 gain! Note the lefthand column. That corresponds with the 1-10 pick rating the AI system assigns each bet, which is used to calculate the loss/gain. Then on the right, you can see the game result and payout.

Next was NFL. Here are the picks from Sunday.


A couple tough losses from Kansas City and Seattle. But a couple gutsy wins as well, espcially Las Vegas on the road, and Dallas playing with its 4th-string QB. Overall, a winning weekend with a gain of $626!

Then the coup de grace: EPL soccer.


These picks were a magical 6-2, including nailing big underdog Aston Villa to beat Arsenal on the road!

So the question remains…. if you’re not subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?

If you had been subscribed to the Pro Pass for $399 a month, you would have made a 10x return on your investment IN ONE WEEKEND.

The AI system is locked in for all three sports right now, so now is the perfect time to check out the PRO PASS.

Alternatively, you might check out the Season Pass options. The Season Pass price for EPL was reduced last weeknd, and NFL, College Football, and All Football were reduced TODAY.

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