WSJ Praises Unanimous AI for Forecast of 2020 Presidential Election, Correctly Predicting all Eleven Battleground States

The Polls Got it Wrong.  Unanimous AI was Perfect!


As reported this week in the Wall Street Journal, the 2020 Presidential Election forecast made by Unanimous AI (back in September) turned out to be remarkably accurate.  In fact, it turned out to be perfect.  We forecast the winner of eleven battleground states, giving win-probabilities for each one.  To quote the Wall Street Journal:

“As of Sunday afternoon, [Unanimous AI] had correctly predicted the winner of the presidential vote in 10 battleground state races as called by the Associated Press. It is on track to correctly predict the final state, North Carolina.”

Wall Street Journal, Nov 8 2020

This was the published forecast that we generated and published back in September of 2020:


You can read the full Wall Street Journal article here. 



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