Sportspicker AI Defies Odds, Posts Even Better Record Since Return of Major U.S. Sports

Here’s How the AI System Used the Covid-19 Hiatus to Get Even Smarter About Sports Betting

Most of us can still remember how surreal it was when major sports shut down in March, due to the Coronavirus. In the U.S., the NFL had just crowned a new champion. College basketball was about to start postseason play. The NBA and NHL were getting toward the end of their regular seasons. And that bellwether of Spring, Major League Baseball, was just a couple weeks from beginning.

Then, in a flash, everything was on hold. That of course impacted Sportspicker AI. With sports on hold, there was nothing for the Swarm AI system to predict. We paused all subscriptions and asked subscribers for their patience.

It would have been easy for the Data Science team at Unanimous A.I. to get down about the situation. But instead, the team viewed it as an opportunity to strengthen the A.I. system for the day sports would return.

The team started by analyzing all the predictions made over the last year for Sportspicker AI. Then, the data science team built a model comparing the Swarm’s predictions to the published odds and eventual outcomes. They found several patterns in the data that gave us actionable ways to make the picks better in the future. In short, they were able to add a layer of intelligence to the Sportspicker AI predictions!

Since the restart of major sports, the Sportspicker Team has been using this new and improved sytem to recommend picks to subscribers. The results have been outstanding. Sportspicker AI has published almost 300 picks across 5 major sports — German Bundesliga & English Premier League Soccer, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, and NHL Hockey. Those picks have returned over $10,000 (profits calculated using a $100 betting unit and 1-10 unit bet scale, based on our published pick rating). Here is a chart representing the winnings across all sports.

Here’s how it went. When sports finally restarted, we were anxious to test the new model. German Bundesliga Soccer was the first sport to start. We had never predicted Bundesliga before, but we were game. There were just 6 weeks left in the season, but we employed the model and gave it our best shot. The results were promising. In just 6 weeks, the system returned $1,211.



English Premier League soccer was the next sport to restart. And we had a fair amount of experience predicting EPL matches. We employed the Swarm AI system and the NEW model for the last 8 weeks of the EPL season. These results were even better, returning $2,880 in just 8 weeks!



Now we were ready for primetime. Major League Baseball was the first major sport to launch in the U.S. It was not a restart, but rather the start of a brand new season. Each team was to play 60 games (instead of the usual 162), followed by the post season and World Series. Play got started on July 23, and Sportspicker AI was there! The first couple weeks were a little rocky, as the AI system acclimated to the new season. But the last two weeks have been outstanding, gaining almost $5,000, and taking subscribers to a $2,783 gain for the season.

The NBA and NHL restarted about a week after the MLB. In both leagues, the teams would finish out their regular seasons, and then launch into the postseason. With the NBA, we started off hot, but then started losing ground. We believe this was largely due to the fact that as teams clinched or were eliminated, incentives shifted significantly. The model had difficulty reading this. But now, the NBA Playoffs have started this week, and already motivations are quite clear again. You can clearly see the results starting to follow.

Because of its post-restart format, the NHL did not have the same mix of motivation and incentives at the end of its regular season. Not surprisingly, that helped Sportspicker AI significantly. The NHL has been the best performer of all, by far, returning $4,752 in just 3 weeks!



Interested in checking out Sportspicker AI? There is still plenty of time left for all three sports. Weekly and monthly subscriptions are available, as well as a Season Pass for each sport. And don’t forget, the NFL season is just around the corner too! You can check out all the options by clicking the button below.



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