The NFL Returns, Sportspicker AI Off to a Sizzling Start

Despite High Uncertainty of Week 1, Sportspicker AI Delivers Rich Return to Subscribers

After 6 long months, the NFL was back in action this weekend. Sportspicker AI was there. After a strong showing in 2019, the data science team at Unanimous AI worked all summer to improve the AI system. Over the weekend, they finally had a chance to put it to work.

And oh what a weekend it was…. On Thursday, Sportspicker AI delivered to its subscribers a Probability Analysis of the week’s 16 games, with 10 receommended picks. Here’s what it looked like.

This chart compares published sportsbook odds to the AI-optimized odds generated by Sportspicker AI. The sportsbook probabilities are plotted with an X, while the Sportspicker AI probabilities are plotted with an S, the dotted line between showing the difference. This difference is referred to as the EDGE, the advantage against the Sportsbooks enjoyed by Sportspicker AI members.

The larger the edge, the higher the pick rating (1-10 scale) in the far right column. The positive  pick rating games are in bold type and are the recommended bets. But even the zero-pick rating games may be of interest to some.

For this weekend, the recommended picks were 5-3-2. But even better than the simple won-loss record was the ROI of $1,280 (using a $100 betting unit and a 1-10 unit bet scale). Here is a recap.

The highest rated picks were all winners.
And if not for the two PUSH games, the ROI would have been even richer. Equally important were the games Sportspicker AI recommended avoiding. Favorites Philadelphia, San Francisco, Indianapolis, and Detroit all lost outright. Sportspicker AI was wise enough to guide subscribers away from their games.

So the question is… what would YOU do if you had an extra $1,280? That question may be hypothetical for you. But not for Sportspicker AI subscribers. They actually have to answer that tough question this week! 🤑

Don’t let another week go by. Join them! The Sportspicker AI team has extended PRESEASON SALE for another week. Stop what you’re doing and click the button below to sign up now!


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