SOCIAL SWARMS reveal trends and views

FACEBOOK or TWITTER?   INSTAGRAM or SNAPCHAT?   We wanted to get a quick impression of how today’s college students view current social media platforms.

Instead of taking a poll, or running a survey, we had a group of 30 college seniors come together as a swarm intelligence using the UNU social swarming platform.

The process taps the collective intelligence of the group, allowing them to answer questions as a unified dynamic system.  This means it doesn’t output the “average opinion”, instead finding the emergent answer the group can most readily agree upon. Here’s a replay of the swarm:

WHAT ELSE CAN SWARMS DO?  From capturing group opinions, to making group predictions, to generating social content collectively in real-time, swarms are powerful and fun:

WANT TO TRY UNU?  To take part in one of our many upcoming  swarms, you can join the growing community of UNU beta-testers by clicking here.

WANT TO LEARN MORE?  You can read about social swarming by clicking here.


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