Collective Intelligence predicted winners of Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and NBA finals!

BRAIN_image_blueWhat if I told you that a group of online users correctly predicted the winners of this year’s Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and NBA Finals before any of the playoffs had even started?  You’d be impressed, for the odds of such a trifecta is over 40 to 1.

You might think this group must have been experts, maybe a team of sports writers or odds-makers, but you’d be wrong.  They were novices chosen at random!

How is this possible?  They used a prototype software environment that allowed them to pool their knowledge and experience, harnessing their Collective Intelligence.

The software is called UNU and it allows groups of users to form “human swarms” that can answer questions, make predictions, even craft collaborative social media. And so far this year, UNU has allowed novices to out-predict experts on a range of topics from forecasting the 2015 OSCARS to picking the WARRIORS to be champs tonight.

So what’s a HUMAN SWARM?  The video below shows a quick sampling…

Why does it work?  It’s as natural as the birds and bees.  Evolution has enabled birds to flock and bees to swarm as a means of boosting their collective intelligence, empowering populations to make better decisions than any individual among them.

Although humans lack the evolutional ability to flock or swarm, UNU provides the missing connective tissue, allowing groups of users from all around the world to come together in real-time, forging dynamic systems that enable the group to think as one.

The resulting Collective Intelligence has profound implications, for it enables groups of online users to generate collective insights of great depth and intuition.  And we believe this is just the beginning.  By empowering groups of online users to “think as one,” we expect to see boosts in creativity, empathy, even morality across populations.

To become a BETA USER and try swarming for yourself, click here.

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