Building CHAT ROOMS that can THINK

Earlier this year, a group of ordinary people used an intelligent chat room to predict the winners of the 2015 Academy Awards. As published by MIT Press, their picks were more accurate than the expert bloggers at the New York Times.  Other groups used the same technology to correct predict the winners of the Superbowl, the Stanley Cup, the NBA finals, the Women’s World Cup, and the Golden Globes.

How can a CHAT ROOM make people smarter?

By using an innovative technology called Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI), we can unleash the collective wisdom of networked groups, allowing them to think together in real-time.  It works by combining the knowledge, intuition, and emotions of many people at once, forming online swarms that can make predictions which are consistently more accurate any individual member could do alone.

It’s enabled by a experimental platform called UNU.  On the surface, it looks like a reinvented chat-room, allowing users from around the world to chat anonymously on any topic. Below the surface, UNU uses sophisticated A.I. technology, enabling groups to answer questions as a unified SWARM.  Check it out:

[youtube id=”lIlhnOjlS_U” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”rel=0&showinfo=0&theme=light”]

You can think of UNU as turning CHAT ROOMS into BRAINS, able to make predictions, answer questions, express opinions, even crack jokes – all by tapping the wisdom of the whole group.  The personality of each swarm depends on its unique mix of members, ranging from funny jokesters to deep thinkers.   From helping to plan Fantasy Football lineups to collectively generating hilarious memes,  the power of online swarms proves the old saying – many minds are better than one.

JOIN THE BETA: If you’d like to try swarming, just SIGN UP below. (If you’d like to be a Moderator for a new topic-specific chat room, let the folks at UNU know what topic you want in the message section below):