Calling all Moderators!

Here at UNANIMOUS A.I., we’ve built a fun new way for people to get together online.  An innovative merger of chat room technology and artificial intelligence, groups can do more than just chat back and forth – they can think together, tapping their collective wisdom. Check it out:

It’s fun.  So much so, many of our earliest users have sent us requests to become Moderators. Now, we’d like to offer the same opportunity to everyone who is interested!

What does it mean to be an UNU moderator?

Think of it this way…

Many of you found us on Reddit, which is an amazing place to explore the topics you’re excited about. With UNU, you can form groups to discuss similar topics, but it’s a true social experience that gets people together in real-time. And with UNU, groups can do more than just chat, they can think together, harnessing the group’s collective intelligence.

Groups have already used UNU to discuss everything from movies and stocks to gadgets and fantasy football. If you have a topic you’d like to see on UNU, let us know and we’ll build the group and set you up as a Moderator so you can help us grow the community.

Whatever you’re passionate about, this is your chance to run with it in UNU.

So, if you’ve got a community, group, or topic you want to be the Moderator for, please fill out the form below.  Or, if you just want to join our beta-list,  sign up below to get started.

Let’s build something awesome together.