STAR WARS or STAR TREK… we let the swarm decide!

STAR WARS or STAR TREK?  We asked a swarm intelligence for an answer to that age old quandary. Rather than just tell you the outcome, we’ve posted two videos below.

The first, shows the swarm intelligence as a “slime mold“. We like this because it gives the data personality, showing how the collective intelligence was torn over the issue.

The second video shows the same data as a “social swarm” – revealing how the users worked together in real-time to debate, negotiate, and ultimately find consensus.

We think both videos are fun to watch:


These videos were created using the UNU platform for “swarm intelligence“.  The users were all college students, pooling their wisdom in real-time.

TRY UNU: if you want to take part in one of our many upcoming  swarms, you can join the growing community of UNU beta testers by clicking here.


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