What will you ask UNU?

What is UNU? 

UNU is a fun new way to hang out online, transforming dull chat into a truly shared experience. Many people compare UNU to having fun with a Ouija Board, but with UNU you can connect with people from all around the world and together, you can answer questions about anything.

For example, DOCTOR WHO fans have been getting together inside UNU to chat about the series. Here’s a replay from last week in which a group of 40 anonymous fans decided on the best villain:

Doctor Who

And UNU is smart.  Unlike the ghosts that power spirit boards, UNU gives real answers, using A.I. to merge the wisdom of many minds into one!  With UNU, groups can settle arguments, answer questions, make predictions, or just have fun tapping their collective wisdom. Check out this little video:

Want to try UNU?  Great. Just drop us a line below and we’ll keep you in the loop.