Swarms of online users predict our Future

Swarms of people around the globe are gathering regularly inside a new platform called UNU that allows groups to think together in real-time and unleash their collective intelligence. Not only are these "human swarms" having fun hanging out online, swarms are proving to…
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Swarms Find Insights That Surveys Miss

Surveys are an important tool for researchers, but they have their limitations. They provide a snapshot of respondents’ thinking at a single point in time. Such snapshots don’t tell a complete story, and as recent failures in political polling attest,…
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Voting is Killing Your Team

A team is having trouble making a decision and someone says, “Let’s take a vote.” It's a solution that's simple and fast, but it’s often the wrong tool for the job. Even worse, it can kill your team. Teams function best when every member is bought…
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