“Human Swarm” correctly predicts WORLD SERIES, Game 1

Last night, a group used an experimental chat room called “UNU” and correctly predicted the Royals would win Game One by a single run.  This was posted live on Reddit to confirm time and date.

You might think this was just luck, but... if you follow this blog you know that groups using UNU previously made amazing predictions about the Oscars, the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup.

How is this possible?  It all boils down to this….

Groups are smart. Really smart. The science of Collective Intelligence shows that when you combine the knowledge and opinions of groups, the results are far more accurate than from any single person.

Simply put –Many minds are smarter than one…”

UNU is more than just a chat room – it uses A.I. technology to harness the collective wisdom of the group.  It works by allowing groups of all sizes to answer questions, together, in real-time, as an intelligent swarm.   Yes, that sounds strange but it’s fun.  And it looks cool – check it out:

UNU isn’t just smart… it’s social.  You can hang out, helping to answer the question submitted by others, or you can type in questions of your own and submit them to the group.  Either way, it really fun and easy to use.  The video below shows some college kids trying UNU for the very first time:

Want to try swarming?  Now you can.  Just fill out the form below to become a BETA Tester.  The folks at UNU will send you a password.  It’s free and completely anonymous…