Chat with a Different Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing’s famous “Turing Test” aims to answer the question “How will we know if a machine is truly intelligent?” His elegant solution is based on a personal interview: if the interviewer can’t tell if it’s a man or machine, then the machine must have human level intelligence.

That’s a good test if the goal is to replace human intelligence with software.

Here at Unanimous AI, our goal is the opposite. We aim to build software systems that amplify human intelligence, building upon our values and sensibilities rather than replacing them.

If we can create intelligent systems that keep people in the loop, we can achieve many of the benefits of traditional A.I. while ensuring that human qualities are central to the process.  This means resulting emergent intelligence is far less likely to have interests that conflict with our own.

To test this we built UNU, an online platform that lets groups create their own Artificial Swarm Intelligence (ASI).  Using real-time feedback loops that are modeled after the behavior of natural swarms, UNU fosters an emergent intelligence that’s not derived from any single participant, but instead captures the will and wisdom of the full group.  What does an Artificial Swarm Intelligence look like?  Here’s a video:

UNU might look a bit like a Ouija board, but… it’s powered by serious technology, not ghosts.  Based on the science of Swarm Intelligence, UNU allows groups to form a real-time dynamic system that can push and pull on a decision-space and converge upon optimal answers in a matter of seconds.  Using UNU, swarms have correctly predicted the outcome of sporting events, the Academy Awards, even political trends.

Now we want to use UNU to PREDICT THE FUTURE.  Our goal is to form a Swarm Intelligence among a group of forward-thinking people who are enthusiastic about Futurology.  Our hope is that by tapping the collective intelligence of such a group, we can make insightful and accurate predictions, both short term and long term.  Plus, it should be fun!

Want to be part of the FUTUROLOGY focused Swarm Intelligence?  Great, all you need to do is click the blue button at the bottom of the page and you can jump right in.  It’s fun and easy and totally anonymous.  Here’s a quick video of what UNU looks like in action:

Want to try UNU? Great! Join us tonight at 9pm ET and ask UNU anything! As always, UNU is totally free and completely anonymous. All you need to is click the button below.