Make Your Voice Heard with UNU

So much exciting news here at Unanimous AI. Where to start?

All Dressed Up
We’ve redesigned the Unanimous AI website. We think the new site looks pretty cool, but what do we know? We also think Swarm Intelligence is cool. You should check it and let us know what you think.

What’s in a name? 
That’s right, UNUM is now UNU. Mostly because we like our magnets so much that we wanted the entire logo to be made up of them.

Swarms in the Real World
Our founder, Dr. Louis Rosenberg, recently presented some early research at the Human / Swarm Blended Intelligence Conference and has just been asked to do the same at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence conference early next year.
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel 
At the request of many of our excited Beta testers, we’ve posted a calendar of UNU sessions. Joining UNU for one of these sessions is as easy as creating a username and password. No access code required.
Why would I want to try UNU? 
UNU transforms boring chat into a truly shared experience. With UNU, groups of friends or strangers can settle arguments, answer questions, make predictions, and have fun creating their own people-powered “Swarm Intelligence.”And best of all…our next chat is tonight at 9pm Eastern, in anticipation of the first Democratic Presidential debate. UNU is proving to be remarkably insightful in capturing voter sentiment, so join us tonight to make your voice heard!