New POLITICAL CHAT-ROOM uses A.I. technology to harness our Collective Wisdom

Groups are smart. Really smart.  For 100 years, research into Collective Intelligence has shown that when you combine the knowledge and opinions of groups, the resulting sentiments are more accurate and insightful than those of any single participant.

Simply put – Many minds are better than one.”

In the past, tapping our Collective Intelligence was slow and dull, using polls and surveys to find the statistical mean. But now, a new technology called “Artificial Swarm Intelligence” has changed everything.  Groups can explore their collective wisdom in real-time, together.

It’s enabled by a new platform called UNU.  It works like a chat room, but allows the group to form their own Swarm Intelligence and ask it questions on any topic.  From politics and sports, to movies and trivia, it’s fascinating and fun to tap the wisdom of groups in real-time.

Last week, a group formed a “Political Swarm” in UNU and discussed the upcoming debate. Unlike old-school chat rooms, where groups just argue, this group tapped their Collective Intelligence as a swarm.  The video below shows the swarm answering a question together:

What makes Swarms so much more insightful than Polls is that they enable a real-time negotiation among all the participants, allowing them to push and pull on each other in real-time, converging upon the decision they can best agree upon.  So while polls are polarizing, exposing our differences, swarms are unifying, allowing groups to find common ground.

Want to try swarming?  Now you can!  To become a BETA USER, just out the form below.  We’ll send you login password.  It’s as easy as jumping into any chat room, but with UNU you can form a Swarm Intelligence with other political junkies.  It’s fun and totally anonymous.

Even better, join us TONIGHT (live during the Dem Debate). We’ll be ‘swarming’ during the debate, tapping our collective intelligence to decide who’s winning, who’s losing, and who’s falling flat on their face.  If you sign up below, you’ll get an email invite.