MANY MINDS are MORE FUN than one!

UNUis a new social platform that allows groups of networked users to form real-time swarms that can collaboratively answer questions, express opinions, and even make predictions. And it turns out, swarms are smart.  Research shows that groups of novice users can out-predict experts when forecasting events like the Oscars, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and the NBA Finals.

Now, new research shows another exciting result – SWARMS ARE FUN!  In a study performed with college students, 60% rated the experience of swarming as “very fun” on a subjective scale, with no users expressing negative feelings.  Of course, a survey is no substitute for observing users as they experience swarming for the first time. The video below shows a quick overview:

Swarming is clearly fun, but we have to ask – WHY?  It’s likely because when users come together in an online swarm, they engage in a synchronous activity that makes them to feel connected to others, becoming part of something larger than themselves. This affinity for synchrony has deep roots in human evolution and has been cited as the reason people are inherently drawn to music and dance, as well as team sports.

Whether you’re jamming in a band or executing a double-play, synchrony gives an emotional and physiological rush.  Similar effects are seen across the animal kingdom, especially in social animals like primates and whales, which use synchronous group behavior as shows of strength, solidarity, and cohesion. And now, with the invention of swarming platforms like UNU the benefits of synchrony are brought into online social environments, connecting people from all over the world.

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