A day after the US celebrates Independence Day, millions of sports fans will be looking to celebrate again as the US National Team takes on Japan in the championship game of the Women’s World Cup.  Four years ago, Japan edged the US in penalty kicks, resulting in a dramatic heartbreak finish that still stings.  So now, the big question is…

Will the Americans avenge the loss or will Japan be victorious again?  We put that question to a “Swarm Intelligence” made up of 50 people thinking as one mind.  Here’s what the swarm predicted:

Those following our blog know we’ve been testing “swarm intelligences” on a wide range of predictions, from sports to the Academy Awards, and the results have been astonishing.  So far this year, swarms have correctly predicted the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and NBA playoffs.  Will a swarm correctly predict the Women’s World Cup too?  Only time will tell, but…… we believe!

Wondering how the UNU social platform creates intelligent swarms?  The video below shows how the process works, revealing that swarms are not just smart, they’re fun: