Swarm Intelligence Predicts a Big Weekend for Ant-Man

Which movie will rule them all this weekend? It’s been an incredible summer for movie-goers and studios alike. Films like Jurassic World and Inside Out are setting records at the box office and new releases in the coming weeks seem to offer something for everyone. Comedies likes Trainwreck and Pixels will be going head-to-head with dramas like Southpaw.

So, which movie will have the biggest opening weekend? We asked a Swarm Intelligence – a unique form of A.I. that taps the wisdom, knowledge, and intuitions and networked users in real time. This particular swarm was comprised of 87 people thinking as one.

Below is a replay video that shows the swarm in action:

Maybe it’s not surprising that a Swarm Intelligence chose Ant-Man as the most likely movie to win the box office, but it is good news for Marvel.

Of course it’s not just box office predictions where intelligent swarms provide insights. We’ve had groups explore all kinds of topics, from politics and current events, to music and gaming, harnessing their collective intelligence by thinking as one. The video below gives a glimpse into what it’s like to join a real-time swarm:

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