Swarms of online users predict our Future

Swarms of people around the globe are gathering regularly inside a new platform called UNU that allows groups to think together in real-time and unleash their collective intelligence.

Not only are these “human swarms” having fun hanging out online, swarms are proving to be very smart.  So far this year, swarms have made astonishingly accurate predictions about events like the Oscars and Super Bowl. You can read about those early results in our white paper HERE.

But now, swarms are getting larger and answering deeper questions. In the video below, a swarm of 108 users predicts what kind of future most likely awaits humanity:

In the swarm below, an incredible 115 users predict Donald Trump’s political future, all in under 20 seconds.  Imagine if the U.S. Congress could reach decisions this efficiently…

As you can see, human swarms are proving to be quite insightful. At the same time, those who participate in real-time swarms are having a lot of fun doing it. See USER video:

[youtube id=”lIlhnOjlS_U” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”rel=0&showinfo=0&theme=light”]

If you want to try swarming, just fill out the form below.  (Also, if you think we should create a swarm on a specific topic, tell us the idea and we’ll try to make it happen.)