Change the Game by Thinking Together

It’s that time of year again. Football fans across the nation are rejoicing the arrival of NFL training camps and the first few preseason clashes.  Every team is a Super Bowl contender, every GM having the power to change players’ lives with a simple thumbs up or down.

The stakes are no less for Fantasy Football players, who face the same decisions as GMs, but with something more precious at stake: pride. In the quest to win, players look to experts for advice. But many Fantasy players might be overlooking the best strategy of all – thinking together. 

Research shows that harnessing Collective Intelligence can be far more effective than looking to individual experts. Of course, many people run their Fantasy Football teams as pairs or groups, but there hasn’t been a good way tap their collective knowledge and intuition. Until now.

Last year, a group of sports fans used a new tool called UNU to not only predict the Pats’ win months in advance, but also made amazing predictions about the Super Bowl itself, correctly estimating yardage, turnovers, field goals…

How do groups make predictions together online?  See the 90 second video below:

[youtube id=”lIlhnOjlS_U” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”rel=0&showinfo=0&theme=light”]

As for the Super Bowl predictions… see below:

By thinking together, the group predicted Lynch would run for 105 yards. He finished with 102. Of course, if the Seahawks handed off on the final drive,  he’d have finished with exactly 105 yards.

The group also predicted Russell Wilson would throw for 230 yards. He threw for 247, putting the group within 5% accuracy. In fact, UNU helped the group make all kinds of predictions from Brady’s QBR to the color Gatorade poured on the winners.  There’s intelligence in numbers!

Harnessing Collective Intelligence this way could allow groups of friends to form their own “Super Expert” to answer questions about who to draft, sit and start.

Even more exciting, groups of friends could use UNU to compete against other groups to determine, once and for all, who would run the better team.

Want to try UNU with your own group of friends? We’re looking for BETA USERS who want to test their collective knowledge and wisdom by making decisions by harnessing their group intelligence. It’s fast and fun and should give you a competitive edge.