Android Users Think Together… to name the Best Phone of 2015

Buying a cell phone has become a fairly serious commitment. Not only are they expensive and easily damaged, but you’re often stuck with your decision for the next two years of your life.

So, if you’re an Android user (or an iPhone user looking to switch) you want all of the info you can get before you buy. But who do you trust? The salesperson? The paid reviewer? Many of us dig through countless reviews and message boards to find consensus, but it’s a chore to say the least.

Now there is a way to harness that same Collective Intelligence, but in real-time. The process is called “human swarming” and it allows a group of people to think together as one mind to make decisions, express opinions, even predict future events.

The video below shows what it looks like when fifty smartphone enthusiasts get together online and think together as a swarm, answering a fundamental question:

What is the best Android phone of 2015?

Not only is it fascinating to see groups of people thinking as one, it’s also really fun to be a part of the swarm.  What will you ask?  What will the group say?

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