Can an Artificial Intelligence help you beat the Vegas Odds?

Whenever a psychic claims they can predict the future, skeptics quickly point out that if this were true, the soothsayer wouldn’t read palms at twenty bucks an hour, but would make their fortune placing bets on sporting events or in the stock market.

Even though we developed a new technology with the capacity to make predictions, we at Unanimous A.I. are skeptics at heart, and have put ourselves under this same scrutiny. We’re constantly testing to see if novice users of our UNU platform can beat the Vegas odds.

It turns out, they can beat Vegas…  and have, again and again.

The UNU platform allows groups of users to form “human swarms” and unlock their collective intelligence, making group predictions of great insight. For example…

Before the NHL playoffs started, a swarm of users used UNU to predict the 7 to 1 underdog Chicago Blackhawks would win the NHL championship. Over the two months since, the Blackhawks have not only advanced to the Stanley Cup finals, they’re leading the series 1-0 and are now heavily favored to hoist the Stanley Cup.

Similarly, a swarm used UNU to predict the Golden State Warriors would navigate the treacherous West en route to their first NBA title in 40 years. At the time, the Warriors were paying 3 to 1. Just like the Blackhawks, the Warriors are leading the Finals 1-0 and heavily favored to win it all.

As reported in the past, these are not the first predictions UNU has made.  A swarm of users were asked to predict how many yards Marshawn Lynch would run during the super bowl.  They nailed it to within 2%, and likely would have been perfect if he’d been given the ball on that terrible final play of the game.

So, if you’re looking to place bets, UNU recommends the Blackhawks and Warriors. Obviously, there’s a long way to go in both series.  But hey, many minds are better than one.

If you are interested in participating in swarms as a beta-tester, sign up here.

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