Could a ‘Swarm Intelligence’ replace Mel Kiper Jr?


After months of speculation between Heisman trophy winning quarterbacks Marcus Mariota of Oregon and Jameis Winston of Florida State, there seems to be a consensus that Tampa Bay will pick Winston with the 1st overall selection. Some analysts, like ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr, have had Winston atop their boards all along, and some are more recent converts, but Winston to the Bucs seems to be a foregone conclusion now.

“Nothing to see here. I’ve had Winston going No. 1 overall since my first mock draft and I believe he’ll still be there in my final mock draft.” – Mel Kiper Jr.

And yet, when we asked a swarm of casual football fans what Tampa Bay should do with the 1st pick, they were adamant that Marcus Mariota was the best choice.

Does this swarm have insights that Mel Kiper, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated don’t?

We’ll know more on Thursday.  And if this swarm turns out to be correct, how long until swarm intelligences like this replace Mel Kiper Jr entirely?


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