Let’s Predict the Future as a Human Swarm

A new platform called UNU allows groups of friends or strangers to form a “Swarm Intelligence” that can answer questions, make predictions, and even generate Internet memes. Check it out:

Now, we’re looking for beta-users to help us form a “futurist swarm” and ponder the biggest questions facing humanity. After all, what better way to predict our collective future than by tapping into our Collective Intelligence?  By combining the knowledge, wisdom, and intuition of a online group, we can ask the swarm to answer countless questions:

When the Singularity will occur?

Will the public accept self-driving cars?

Will we boost human lifespans by 10, 20… 100 years?

If you want to try swarming, just fill out the form below. (Also, if you think we should create a swarm on a specific topic, tell us the idea and we’ll try to make it happen.)