Swarm Intelligence forecasts the impact of Apple’s new Products

Apple announced a slew of new products this week, including the iPhone 6S, the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and a revamped Apple TV. Instantly, researchers across the world scrambled to predict the market reaction. Some conducted polls. Others scoured Twitter. All were looking for trends…

But here at Unanimous AI, we took a very different approach. We had a group of more than 100 users form a Swarm Intelligence by tapping their collective knowledge, wisdom, insights, and opinions, all in real-time. The results were incredibly insightful.

QUESTION #1: we asked the Swarm Intelligence to predict Apple’s market-share of the streaming media marketplace 12 months out. Apple currently holds 15% of this market, and with its upgraded AppleTV, seems determined to grab more. You can see the swarm’s prediction below:

The Swarm predicts that Apple will in fact increase its share of the streaming market.  Unfortunately for Apple, not all of its new products were met with such enthusiasm.

QUESTION #2:  Will the newly announced Apple Pencil be a raging success, a total flop, or something between? We asked the Swarm Intelligence to make a prediction:

Keep in mind that the 100 people in this group represent a random sample of the market. It is entirely possible that a different group made up of artists and graphic designers, might have predicted that the Apple Pencil would be a massive success.

One of the most exciting thing about this unique new way of predicting markets is the speed at which the data was acquired. Now, instead of conducting lengthy surveys, the technology of Swarm Intelligence gives remarkable insights in seconds.

Even more exciting is that swarming is FUN.  You’ve never heard anyone say that about a poll or survey.  To see what it’s like to swarm, check out this video:

From sports and politics, to gadgets and music, asking questions of a real-time Swarm Intelligence is fascinating and fun.  And anyone can do it using UNU.

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