How Trustworthy are the Leading Candidates for President?


With election season looming, one of the key questions facing voters is “can I trust these candidates?” And, as important as that question is to each individual, the answers are even more important to the candidates themselves. If the  a candidate is perceived as untrustworthy, his or her campaign faces a major challenge, even at this early stage of the election cycle.

With that in mind, we asked a real-time Swarm Intelligence to rate the perceived trustworthiness of leading candidates Hillary Clinton (D) and Jeb Bush ( R).

Because this particular Swarm was comprised of college students, the consensus formed around Jeb Bush’s perceived trustworthiness might seem obvious…

But what is more interesting is how the Swarm revealed its perception of Hillary Clinton.

As you can see, a group of college students one might expect to be solidly in favor of Hillary Clinton converges rather quickly on an answer that might surprise her campaign.

Of course it’s too early to predict the winner of the 2016 Presidential election, but it is safe to say that no candidate has yet earned the trust of this particular Swarm Intelligence. Maybe that’s because this swarm was comprised of college students, all of whom are new voters, and thus have little history with any of the candidates in question.

Still, we put the big question to to the Swarm: WHO WOULD WIN, Jeb or Hillary:

The SWARM is undecided, as it probably should be.  After all, the candidates haven’t made their arguments yet.  We find the above replay quite refreshing.  The fact is, if you ask the above question to individuals, you almost always get an answer, driven largely by preconceptions and personal biases.  But if you ask a swarm, you are more likely to tap into honest views and opinions.  At least, that’s been our observation.

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