Swarm Intelligence deems Bernie Sanders the strongest leader

One of the most critical issues when in choosing a new President is the candidate’s ability to project strength and confidence on the world stage. Researchers at Unanimous AI, a Silicon Valley company focused on harnessing the Collective Intelligence of networked groups, posed the following question to a  group of 120 potential voters:

          >> “Which candidate would best be able to stand up to Vladimir Putin?” 

But, instead of merely polling voters, the researchers used Swarm Intelligence – a merger of artificial intelligence and social networking that allows groups to think together in real-time to reach a decision. As shown in the video below, the swarm made a decisive and unexpected pick:

Clearly, SANDERS was perceived as the strongest candidate.  This is not a surprise to Sanders supporters, but the group that comprised this swarm was a random sample of voting age Americans.  This bodes well for Sanders.  Earlier this year, other swarms show that Sanders is perceived as the most trustworthy among the democrats:

How accurate is Swarm Intelligence?  Numerous published research studies have shown that human swarming can outperform polls, surveys, and even experts across a variety of fields.

For example, a human swarm of novices predicted the winners of the 2015 Oscars with greater accuracy than the New York Times experts (read paper). Other swarms predicted the Superbowl, the Stanley Cup, and the Golden Globes.  Swarms even predicted the popularity of Trump long before his poll number surged.

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