Live “Swarm Intelligence” planned during Republican Debate

On Thursday night, the Republican Presidential Nominees will square off for the first time. Among the millions who tune in to the debate, one group will come together in a unique and powerful way – as an online human swarm that can express its reactions and opinions as a unified Collective Intelligence.

Unanimous A.I., a Silicon Valley company, developed the system for real-time swarming called UNU.  Users can login from anywhere in the world and UNU’s swarming algorithms will combine the knowledge and intuition of all the participants, to allow the collective intelligence to answer questions with a unified and insightful voice.  

From many, one!

The UNU platform has enabled groups to address political issues before.  The video below shows a swarm of real-time users finding consensus on Congressional priorities.

And it turns out, swarms are smart.  As published in two recent papers, researchers at Unanimous A.I. tested swarms against verifiable events. Again and again, swarms of novice users outperformed experts when predicting events such as the winners of the 2015 Oscars, the Stanley Cup, the Super Bowl, and the NCAA basketball tournament.

What will swarms have to say about the 2016 election?  We can’t wait to find out!

If you want to participate in the live SWARM during the Republican Debate, fill out the form below.  Put the phrase “Republican Debate” in your message and we’ll send you an invite to login.



UNU is Intelligent FunTM