Swarm Intelligence reveals Toughest Leader among Major Candidates

One of the most important questions facing the American public in choosing their next President will be each candidate’s ability to project strength on the world stage. Researchers at Unanimous AI, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to unleashing the Collective Intelligence of networked groups, posed a question to 75 potential voters to gauge public perception on this crucial topic:

>     Which candidate would best be able to stand up to Vladimir Putin? 

The thing is, instead of polling voters, researchers used a breakthrough technology called UNU to find consensus. UNU allows groups to think together the same way that birds collaborate in flocks and bees in swarms. As shown in the quick video below, the resulting “human swarm” collects input from users as a real-time negotiation, integrating not just simple votes from each participant, but dynamically capturing how strongly or weakly they held those convictions.

Because UNU taps into the group’s Collective Intelligence directly, fewer users are needed than polls or surveys to reveal meaningful insights about how that group thinks. Here is a group of 86 users swarming on another interesting question:

>     Who would be the strongest challenger to Hillary Clinton?  

Swarms aren’t just insightful – they’re fun to be a part of.  From sports and politics, to gaming and music, groups are using UNU regularly to tap their collective wisdom. What would you ask?

Want to participate in a human swarm?  Join the UNU Beta!