Swarm Intelligence picks Rand Paul

We asked a Swarm Intelligence a question many voters are asking these days: “Which candidate has the best chance against Hillary Clinton?” 

The swarm, made up of 88 USERS chosen at random, worked together as a dynamic system, as enabled by the UNU collective intelligence platform.

The choices provided were: Trump; Bush; Walker; Huckabee; Carson; Cruz; Rubio; Paul; Christie; and Kasich . The swarm compared these many contenders across a number of “selection rounds”.

The video below is an example of one such round:

The process culminated in a face-off between Bush and Paul.  The video below shows a replay of the decision that emerged from the swarm:

Why SWARMS? A merger of social networking and artificial intelligence, swarming is a highly efficient way for groups to unleash a group’s collective wisdom. Plus, it’s fun.

The video below gives a glimpse into what it’s like to swarm:

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